Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Review: L.A Colors BabyPOP Eyeshadows

I can't go anywhere without looking at makeup. Including the dollar store. I saw these and they were $1 for both. I figured why not but didn't expect much. I've tried L.A Colors before and their products aren't very consistent. 

The first one is a combo of a cobalt blue and a seafoam green. 
The other is a combo of a medium pink and a vibrant lavender. 
They aren't chalky like most cheap makeup tends to be. And the color payoff is surprisingly pretty good. 


With primer:

As far as wear goes, they lasted about 4 hours without a primer. With a primer they lasted about 8 hours. 

If you have a Family Dollar near you, I would really recommend hunting these down. They are great quality for the price and I will definitely be seeing what other shades these come in! 

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