Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week in Photos #2


1. Went into town and it was all decorated for Christmas. The picture does it no justice. 
2. The cutest inflatable Christmas decoration ever! I might just have to go back to Sears to get it. :)
3. My FOTD from Friday night. Went for neutral shadows and a purple eyeliner for a pop of color. 
4. I was in Kohl's Saturday night and I stepped on string attached to my boot and it completely unraveled and fell apart. Can you say embarrassing? :P
5. Ghiradelli Chocolate. Probably my absolute favorite chocolate 

Have a great week! :)


  1. I like your blog :) have followed... Would appreciate if you could check mine out/follow :)

  2. Thank you, love! And will do! :)

  3. That chocolate looks delicious!