Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week in Photos #3

1. My Christmas Tree. This is the first year I've used a fake tree in a while but I love it! 
2. Sophie in her super cute Christmas collar. 
3. Been wanting a warmer for so long and finally got one. My favorite scent is Iced Cinnamon Latte! 
4. Blooming Onion from Outback. A.K.A the reason I will never be skinny. :P
5. Sophie sleeping in her usual spot. My pillows! 

This week was kinda boring. Not much exciting happened. Been very busy with finals! I hope you all have had an amazing week and that this week is 10x better. :) 


  1. Awww your cat is adorable! :)

  2. Hi hun! Glad to see you're part of the #2014BloggerChallenge as well ^^ I just followed! Hope you'll enjoy my posts too! <3

  3. Your cat looks adorable, I would never get something like that on my fur ball LOL , Xx

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