Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review: NYC Individual Eyes Palette

NYC is one of those brands that is kinda hit or miss for me. I love their lipsticks but hated an eyeshadow I tried. That's why I was really skeptical about this palette. I got it in the shade Union Square and it comes with 4 eyeshadows, a primer and an illuminator. 

 Surprisingly 2 of the shadows are matte. Theres a matte brown and a matte beige which blends with my skin. Then theres a shimmery dark brown and a slightly shimmery burgundy plum color.  Most drugstore palettes I've seen have all shimmery colors or one lousy matte shade so this was a nice surprise. Unfortunately, the shadows kinda fall short without the primer. They aren't horrible but the pigmentation isn't great. They aren't chalky or powdery which I have experienced with an NYC shadow duo. 

However, with the primer they were so pigmented and the primer is really light and actually provides some coverage to the eyelids. 

I really like the illuminator. I use it in my inner corners and it really opens the eyes up. 

Not powdery
Matte shades
Needs the primer to have strong pigmentation. 

I would definitely say to try it if you haven't. :)

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