Sunday, November 10, 2013

When To Toss Your Treasures!

I know, it's tragic! You love your makeup and it can only last so long. Some products only last a few months while others can last you a few years. Not only can old makeup get cakey and clumpy, but it can also cause blemishes, redness, and even infections! It's super important that you be sure to keep up with your makeup and not use old products. So even if your tube of mascara is still half full, you need to trash it. 

With that being said, mascara does have the shortest lifespan. Liquid eyeliner is in this same category. It should hit the trash can after 3-4 months after the first use. Using old mascara can cause pink eye and other eye infections. 

Gel liner, pencil liner, and cream eyeshadows and blushes can last up to 6 months but if you notice a change in consistency then trash it! Better safe than sorry.

Pencil eyeliners have a lifespan of a year but if your using it on your waterline, you may want to throw it out at about 9 months. 

Foundation is good for about 9 months but if it thickens or thins, it needs to go. It can be a sign of dating, but also could be a sign of some form of bacteria. 

Nail polishes and lipsticks can last for a year. Lipsticks are less likely to house bacteria because they don't contain water. Nail polish has a lot of chemicals that drive away bacteria. 

Pressed powders, eyeshadows, bronzer, and blushes last around 2 years because they aren't a liquid. If your product is crumbling without being dropped it could be a sign that its old and outdated. 

*change in color, texture, and smell is a sign 
*anything cream or liquid has a shorter life span 
*bacteria love a dark, damp place
*when in doubt, trash it. 

You know that little jar with the number on it on the product? It looks like this: 

The number represents how many months your product is good. Of course it's just an estimate and only you can determine if a product is bad! 

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